Event Brief

With technology revolutionizing almost all business processes and systems, we as human resource managers need to embrace it to stay updated with the industrial development. Technology-driven business will open doors for rethinking, recalibrating and replacing conventional techniques with new and exciting possibilities.

We, in the Future HR Summit, would be having industry specialists to talk about contemporary issues like Technology and Innovation in HR, Nurturing Talent in an Organisation, and Emerging Trends in Industrial Relations. This would be followed by a panel discussion and an award ceremony for each topic. With these discussions and awards, we would like to not only talk about but also encourage and felicitate outstanding performance in the concerned area. This would be an honorable event with awards being handed out by experienced jury, based on objective nominations.



Technology and Innovations in HR

HR innovation is the implementation of new ideas, methods, and technologies to better meet the ever evolving requirements of organisations and its workforce. It’s about anticipating future needs and circumstances rather than simply finding a response to present challenges. With the advent of technology, HR activities like recruitment and selection have defeated the limitations of geographical boundaries and even time zones. Learning and development activities have become more efficient and performance evaluation has become more methodical.


Nurturing Talent Within an Organisation

The lifecycle of successfully engaging effective people is grossly reducing. Employees are constantly seeking change that aligns them to opportunities of wider scope and spans of strategy and control. The success of building human capital is dependent on the organization identifying their in-house talent. The challenges lie in the dramatic drop in retention rates, the ever changing work environment and the demand for globally aligned work cultures. Research suggests that top performers produce as much as 10 times more than the average worker, while they often require less than two times the pay. Hence talent management is not so much a choice as a necessity for sustainability



Emerging Trends in Industrial Relations

The entire business scape has become like a constantly rotating kaleidoscope. There are so many variables (like government policies, international markets, competition, technological advancements, sociological trends, etc) in the corporate world today that maintaining relations has become exponentially more challenging. No trend lasts long enough to be called a ‘convention’ anymore. Real-time communication makes it possible for any change, even thousands of miles away, to take effect immediately. Organisations throughout the world are struggling to keep up with the changes. Given these circumstances, HR, which once used to be a laid back department is now one of the most loaded ones.

Ms. Anjali Joshi

Senior General Manager – Human Resources
TUV India Pvt.Ltd

Mr. Satyendra Gaur

Sr Vice President & Head HR
Adani Gas

Dr. Prashant Rao

Vice President & Head Corporate Human Resources
Deepak Group Co.

R P Singh

Dr. R P Singh

Managing Director & CEO
THRS Consulting

Lt Col Siraj Delhve

Organization Developer
Corporate Trainer

N.K. Sharma

Mr. N K Sharma

Adviser - HR

Ms Alekha Chitnis

Head HR & Admin
Yusen Logistics - India Operations

Mr. Arvind S. Pemawat

Head - Career Development Centre,
Geetanjali Group, Udaipur

Mr. Anil Kaushik

Founder, Chief Editor
Business Manager-HR Magazine

Mr. Pradyumna Pandey

Director–Talent Solutions
CBLPro eSolutions Pvt Ltd.

Mr. K.V.Vishwanathan

Business Performance Consultant Executive Coach

Mr. Parag Swadia

Director – Corporate
Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Satyendra Gaur

Sr Vice President & Head HR
Adani Gas

Dr. Prashant Rao

Vice President & Head Corporate Human Resources
Deepak Group Co.

Ms. Anjali Joshi

Senior General Manager – Human Resources
TUV India Pvt.Ltd

Jayant Paleti


Rajeev Pandya

General Manager Human Resources Business Partner & Employee Development
Geetanjali Group