Business Services

Strategic Advice

Strategies are the starting point of success. This is where the journey to a successful business begins. Strategic advisory acts as a lubricant in the operations of even the most successful business groups to help them plan their path better.

We, at iConsult India, work closely with the management teams to identify strategic options, review them and implement the best choice. We believe in extensive research, dedicated problem-solving, and thorough follow ups.

Fund Syndication

No business can function without appropriate financial capital. Profits might keep shareholders happy but the management only celebrates cash flows.

At iConsult India, we understand that regardless of your position in the business cycle, availability of funds continues to pose both the largest opportunity and the scariest threat to any business. Hence, we provide consultancy regarding all the various funding options and bring to you personalised solutions based on what would suit your organisation.

Business Intelligence

Every business hits a natural glass ceiling after a point and requires strategic choices based on in-depth analysis to break the barrier. Business intelligence is that magical boon that helps businesses identify the hidden obstacles and opportunities in their path.

At iConsult India, we provide various sorts of business intelligence services that include both business and financial analysis that would put your business on the right track to success and help you bring about strategic changes. This is relevant both for established organisations seeking growth and start-ups analysing and developing their initial business strategies.