Season 02

iConsult India has always put consistent and conscious efforts into enabling sustainable growth through nurturing one’s knowledge base. It was with this very vision that we decided to establish our flagship knowledge sharing platform, India HR Summit. It’s a unique initative wherein industry professionals come together to discuss contemporary issues they are facing and the solutions they have devised.

The first edition of India HR Summit was hosted in 2020 in Udaipur. It saw participation from over 100 prestigious organisations and was widely covered by the media.

April 2021

Business Opportunities and Challenges – Beyond 2021

Commercial activities are usually aimed at exploiting the opportunities for growth and tackling the challenges to sustain that growth. Every business textbook ever written has endless theory on how to achieve this. Yet, the reality is, a lot of companies tackle away opportunities and get exploited by challenges.

2021 is a year to turn this around. While the fundamentals of business have remained consistent, its nuances have evolved a lot in the past 1 year.Moving forward from here is going to take a careful combination of both experience and innovation. This summit is an opportunity to get varied perspectives on this issue through the lens of both business management and HR.

Meet our Panelists

Mr. Pankaj Agrawal

Head Operations – Adani Group

Mr. Colin Mendes

Head HR – VoltasBeko

Mr. Vikram Sharma

Vice President HR – Strides Pharma

Mr Rudraditya Bhattacharya

Regional Sales Director – Darwinbox