Virtual Consultation

The complex business environment has presented dynamic interconnectivities that require entrepreneurs and managers to prioritise business challenges over all others.

We, at iConsult India, have developed a system to leverage the technology at our disposal to assist our clients with enhancing business and people processes. This in turn shall enable their foray into higher growth rates.

We are henceforth launching virtual consulting wherein you can get advisory from our experienced consultants to tackle all your business challenges.

What is Virtual Consulting?

Virtual or Online sessions with our expert consultants discussing specific business challenges and seeking advisory.

Who will provide the consulting?

Consultants with the best of industry experience, in areas and sectors as per the client’s requirements.

How long are these sessions?

The session length will depend on the client’s requirements. The minimum time required for discussion shall be one hour.

How do I start?

Please contact us and share your business challenges, we will connect you with the right consultant in the concerned area.

Is this a safe platform?

We value the confidentiality of our clients business and information, therefore all exchanged data will remain strictly confidential.
All documentation specific to your business will be maintained with your copyrights.

What is the difference between virtual consulting and in-person consulting?

– Virtual consulting is a real time consultancy that can be availed as and when required. We will be providing back office support to you.
– In-person consulting involves a personal visit to your organisation at a desired frequency and solve your business challenges through active implementation of action plans.